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Th[is] is getting brains in a room and cracking challenges that seemed impossible. Some call us crazy. Or even a headache. But th[is] is just the way we are.

Th[is] is th[is] + th[is]

We believe software development and infrastructure management are best kept in one hand. Think of Th[is] is Development and Th[is] is Support as non-identical twins. They share the same DNA, but both have their strengths. We combine these strengths to hand our customers the best services for their needs.

Th[is] is Development

The coders of Th[is] is Development crafts web applications, portals, and APIs. They are also skilled in data integration, agile project management, and infrastructure development. The developers use CI, CD, and various other platforms to create new tools and improve existing ones.

Th[is] is Support

The specialists of Th[is] is Support manage your infrastructure with 24/7 support, monitoring, patches, and backups. The DevOps engineers prefer cutting-edge tools like Kubernetes. Th[is] is Support provides everything to keep your new and existing software running at full speed.

Beat the vendor lock-in

We don’t like lock-ins anymore than you do. We use standard components and you own the source code. Our code also runs on other platforms, giving you full control over critical business apps. We work with our customers to excel in their business. And that’s not just a promise.

Th[is] is Development

Let's work together!